Starting a blog these days is very easy and consequently there is just a bewildering amount of them.

Marketers face similar challenges. Due to the sheer amount of ads that are displayed constantly everywhere, they have to rise with their campaigns above the clutter. There are two main ways, which can help them in doing so. First, focus on a niche and tailor directly to them or second, use shocking or controversial content. The same goes for blogs, YouTube channels, and so on. If you just start another blog, you will just end up with another blog that nobody cares about. I just wonder how many travel blogs there are in the world, with the hopes as an author to travel the world while earning the money on the side. The saturation for the travel blogs is so high, that virtually only the top influencer can live their dream.

Yet, I start this blog, why? Why indeed? Well, here are the 3 reasons.

1: Someone smart said, “The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.”

Actually, I hate this quote! Of course, in retro perspective one can say this. That is the obvious case when you have a clear goal and you need to start sooner rather than later to accomplish this. It is only the case for linear paths. For example, when you are studying for an important Exam. The only thing that will get you the good mark is studying. That is obvious even before you took the exam or even before you enrol in that course

However, life is not linear and goals are ambivalent. I do not know if any of my efforts will pay off. Is it even worth it to devote time to this blog?

I do not really have a magic crystal ball. So I will never know until I try it.

I wish I had started earlier. As the saying goes: “the next best time is now”. So why not start it now? I guess I do not hate that quote as much as I thought.

2: I want to capture my journey and invite future possibilities

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it is sheer endless and almost everyone has access to it and can take part. Moreover, it is very easy in doing so.

With this blog, I can capture my journey and provoke some conversations. If no one else than me, then this is also fine. I might look back one day and reread all those entries I made. I can revisit and relive my struggles and shake my head to the mistakes I made.

The downside is very limited. If I post every week or every other week something, then I only invest couple of hours. However, it gets me thinking and the upside is unlimited. Anything can arise from it. Unliminate … see what I did there?

3: This is a fountain of commitment.

I knew before that in order to achieve goals, you should write them down. Various studies found that people were more likely to follow through when they wrote down their goals compared to when they did not.

To take it even a step further, I could tell everyone about me wanting to do something. I could also just share it here publicly. It creates social pressure and forces me to commit fully.

And this blog is exactly the combination of those two steps. First, write something down and then make it public. With that, I achieve maximum efficiency (hopefully). So once the train gets rolling, nothing can stop it. However, we will see how good that will work.

Until next time.