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Kick Start Your Change! – How Changing Your Environment Can Impact You

Changing your environment is probably the most radical thing to do. But it yields tremendous consequence, which can be, given that the right actions are taken, quite a game changer to your personal development. Kick start your change!

I, myself made this big step and moved across the globe to a new place. With a foreign environment, with a foreign language, with foreign customs, leaving my established social circle behind.

By the environment, I mean mostly the social environment. You don’t need to move across the globe to change it. You can also take simple steps to change it gradually in your current location without the need to physically move. The problem with that is that it is easy to fall back into the old environment and the old social circle. By moving physically, you commit fully to the change, and there is not the easy way to cope out again and fall back.

I talked previously about the difficulties of starting your entrepreneurial endeavor in the starters dilemma article or even the difficulties of naming your business. A stagnant environment can be another hurdle along the way or some circumstances that hold you back.

Do you feel stuck in your current position?

Do you feel that your days are the same, without any improvement from one day to the next?

Do you feel stuck doing the same things that are externally enforced upon you?

What Impact?

The environment, social and physical, can have an interesting impact on us, without us even realizing it. We fall into multiple roles, depending on the context of interaction. This role is loosely defined by the expectation on other on you, on you on yourself and on other factors. This can be great, when it is supportive and pushing you towards a goal that is attainable. But often this is not the case.

You can notice this the most, when you try to pick up some new skill. There was a point in my life when started to take my health more serious and started to cut my sugar consumption. Additionally, I started to do sport more regularly. The reactions were quite bewildering to me. Nobody actually acknowledged that I was doing something good, rather confusion and misunderstanding was the common reaction. But more often than not, the reactions are subtler than verbally communicated, so it’s sometimes hard to acknowledge that there are expectations towards you that can confound you. In the worst case, the resistance can push you back into your old role and you failed to grow.

Well, these are some of my experience of why changing the environment radically can have such an impact. As I mentioned this happened to me quite a lot and since I took this big leap, there are some very tremendous outcomes from it.

Here are 6 Ways, that changing your environment can kick start your change and have a huge impact on you, or at least it did for me:

1# Redefine Yourself

A new environment allows you to redefine yourself. Imagine that you are suddenly free from all previous expectations. You can instantly feel that you don’t have to comply with anything and can simply choose new things to be part of your personality. By that I mean for instance you never been an avid runner? Well become one. You have now completely the power to become the person you want to be, there are no more role expectations.

2# Start Something New

You set yourself free from all obligations that you had in your last environment. Now you are free to explore new things. Why not start something cool and pick up a new skill, a new language or that business that you wanted to start long time ago. Since there are no more roles to play, you can easily define one yourself. So you can be a starter, an avid reader or learning or whatever else you would like.

3# Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You are tacking the first step and you got out of your comfort zone. The new environment expands your comfort zone. You are then already in the mindset to expect it going even further. So Things that were previously outside of your comfort zone by a big margin are now mere a small step away. You will get used to getting out more and create more opportunities for you. In the end you will be more comfortable expanding more and more your comfort zone, just by taking the first big leap.

4# Throw Yourself in The Cold Water

Throwing yourself in the cold water doesn’t feel that great, but the human body eventually adapts after the initial shock, and the cold water doesn’t feel as cold anymore. Same goes with the new environment, since you started somewhere else a new life, jumped into the cold water, you will get more easily used to being in the cold and stress less about moving around in the cold water compared when you always wadded in the lukewarm waters of your known environment. Being in the cold water is not harmful, but feels uncomfortable. When you get used to it, you have more cold ponds to swim in.

5# Expose Yourself to Risk

Exposing yourself to risk sounds a bit awful, but it’s actually not that bad. When we consider that we are usually tend to be too much on the risk aversion side. We fear risk so much, that even if the risk is not that great, we perceive the mere chance of failure as a total disaster. But mostly the fear is not grounded in reality. When you expose yourself to that initial risk of moving somewhere new, or changing the environment things will seem scary. Stick through it and you will experience that this kind of risk was not grounded in reality. You will grow with it; it will make you more eager to take new risks or other risks that seemed to high would then be laughable. It’s all just a perspective. In the end, what is the worst thing that could happen? Usually nothing catastrophic, but the upside is much greater!

6# It’s A Bad Habit Breaker

It’s an overall circuit breaker. I’ve been always a shyer person, a new environment allowed me to redefine myself and put that old habit aside, among other things. Do you have other habits that are linked with your social or physical environment? I could be related to drinking alcohol, lack of exercise, or a poor diet. Whatever that might be, changing the environment that radically can break those bad habits easier. Habits are grounded in routines, break the routines – break the habits. It’s never guaranteed of course, but a meaningful change in your life can render the need for the bad habits obsolete.

To conclude these are the benefits that I experience myself when it came to me changing my environment radically. I livennow in a completely different part of the world and it has been a game changer to me for the reasons I mentioned above. Of course all those great benefits can be achieved without moving physically and forcing a complete change in your environment, but I found by taking such a big leap, there is no chance of going back into the old me. It really allowed me to be free, redefine myself and start many new awesome things, that would be still in my dreams, hadn’t I took such a step.

So you might take small steps in order to achieve your personal goal, or you might need to take a big leap to kick start the process. Kick start your change!

Let me know what your experience is in changing your environment, have you gotten any benefits yourself if you did it before, or do you plan on doing something like this.

Until next time and remember to kick start your change!


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