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The “How to Name your Business Conundrum”

or: The pain in choosing a domain name

Imagine this: You have a great idea and you already have a great name for your product or website. You make a concept and create great looking logo. Then when you finally check for suitable domain names you realize, there none left. The most recognizable .com-domains are also the ones that are the hardest to get. Short and memorable names are almost impossible to find. You could consider buying your desired name, but unless you have deep pockets, it is probably not worth considering. Especially if you are just starting-up and want to test an idea.

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The Starters Dilemma

The Starters Dilemma: Is it just me or is everyone feeling this way? I am talking about this: You are excited and pumped to finally get started with your own business/venture. Finally, you finished your degree and you have now more free time than ever. Or maybe you quit the job or maybe something else.

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