Starting a blog these days is very easy and consequently there is just a bewildering amount of them.

Marketers face similar challenges. Due to the sheer amount of ads that are displayed constantly everywhere, they have to rise with their campaigns above the clutter. There are two main ways, which can help them in doing so. First, focus on a niche and tailor directly to them or second, use shocking or controversial content. The same goes for blogs, YouTube channels, and so on. If you just start another blog, you will just end up with another blog that nobody cares about. I just wonder how many travel blogs there are in the world, with the hopes as an author to travel the world while earning the money on the side. The saturation for the travel blogs is so high, that virtually only the top influencer can live their dream.

Yet, I start this blog, why? Why indeed? Well, here are the 3 reasons.

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